Big secret


It was a typical spring day. I sat by the window and watched streams running along the paths. Nearby sat my friend Semyon. He was little interested in streams, he watched the birds that flew into the yard. My friend’s interest in birds is explained by the fact that Semyon is a cat. He lives with my grandmother, and when I come to visit her, we spend a lot of time together.

- Thanks for the company, friend,- I told him.

Semyon looked at me with big blue eyes and purred.

- And where do such smart cats come from?- I asked him, knowing that he would not answer. In the evening I went to bed. I thought this day would end, like all the previous ones. But he was mistaken.

-Wake up, Yegor, I heard through a dream.

I opened my eyes. Nearby sat Simon.

- Don't be afraid, he told me. - I decided that it would be interesting for you to find out the answer to your question.

- Can you talk? I wondered.

- Of course,- said Semyon. - All animals can speak, but hide it from people. I hope you won’t tell anyone.

- Never to anyone,- I vowed.

I learned from Semyon that all cats and cats live on the planet Murland, which has the shape of a cat's head. There is never war.

And the Cat king rules the planet - the wisest cat.

- Why are you flying to Earth?- I asked Semen. - After all, your planet is so amazing!

-In order to preserve kindness in the hearts of people,”-he answered, now sleep ...

I closed my eyes and fell asleep under the soft purr of Semyon. Waking up in the morning, I did not find a cat nearby.

- I had a dream,- I thought, and looked out into the yard.

Simon sat on a bench at the entrance and watched the birds. I gently knocked on his window. Semyon winked at me, and I realized that our conversation with him was not a dream.

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