Great Gray Owl


On the day off, Dasha and her grandfather went to the zoo. Dasha examined curiously the funny penguins, important lions and mischievous monkeys. Near the aviary with birds of prey, Dasha stopped and said to her grandfather:

- Wow! That owl seems to have a beard!

- And look at the tablet! - answered the grandfather.

- Bo-ro-do-ta-i-no-I-sat,- Dasha read. - Wow! So she’s really bearded!

- These feathers under the beak are so painted that they resemble a beard. Therefore, they called her the bearded owl. By the way, this is the biggest owl!

- Where do these owls live? - asked Dasha. - Do we have such in the park? I would still look at them! And on the little owls too!

- No, we don’t have owls in the park. Owls live in the north - in the tundra and near swamps. Owls are born in early summer. Their body is completely white, and their head is dark. Do you know what is interesting? Owls — parents don't build nests to breed chicks!

- And where do they hatch them?

- In the nests of other birds. Owls find abandoned nests of ravens, falcons or hawks and settle in them. These owls are really special. That's how you think - when owls sleep, and when they hunt?

- They sleep during the day, but hunt at night! - quickly realized Dasha,

- Right! Usually it is. And owls love to hunt in the evening, in the early twilight. And sometimes they are active even in the afternoon! Their eyes are designed to see in the light. Indeed, the owl in the cage opened its eyes and carefully looked at Dasha and grandfather.

- What a good little owl, beautiful! - praised Dasha,

- Huhhhh! - answered the owl.