Champion of the yard


When you are still a very small car, you are allowed to drive only around the yard and no further. Max was three, "And three is almost an adult!" he thought.

But parents didn’t think so. They stubbornly called Max a kid and did not let him out of the yard, where he - imagine - had already learned all the cracks in the asphalt. But Max really wanted to ride the streets of the city!

To all the entreaties of the son, the parents replied that he must first grow up. However, Max did not give up and day after day dreamed of how great it would be - to take the real road! Of course, he dreamed loudly and when one of the parents found himself nearby.

One evening, dad could not stand it and said:

- Alright son, tomorrow you are going to school.

- What school? - surprised Max.

- At a driving school. You will learn - and ride yourself around the city to your health.

The yard drowned in Max's joyful beeping.

That evening he could not fall asleep for a long time. He imagined how he would be taught to accelerate and make dashing turns. In the morning, dad took his son to school, where he, in the company of other motorists, began to learn the rules of the road.

Max was very surprised when he found out that many rules forbid anything - here, you know, don’t turn around, don’t roll fast here, don’t beep there. And about dashing U-turns and no speech! No, that’s not what he dreamed about.

The next day, Max decided that he had nothing to do at school. He waited until the sound of the parent motor calmed down in the distance, and went for a walk - where the headlights were looking.

Max had never seen so many cars at once - he was even slightly confused. Cars busily rushed past, some loudly honking him - probably saying hello.

Suddenly, on the side of the road some sort of box with a leg appeared. A red circle lit up on it, all the cars braked at once and began to look at this circle. But Max did not see anything interesting in him and drove on.

- Woo-woo-woo! - came right. Max looked there and saw a beautiful white typewriter. She rode in his direction and blinked a weird contraption on the roof. “He wants to play,” Max decided. He added gas, disappeared around the bend and hid. He is on the road. He has no time for games with girls. After waiting for the white machine to leave, he climbed out of the alley and drove on. And then I saw something strange.

It was a bus, which for some reason was attached to the wires with large iron sticks. Max winced. “I wonder why he was punished? Maybe this bus violated some of the rules that are taught at the auto school. Avtomobilchik imagined that he would be attached to the wires. He suddenly wanted to return to school. And it is advisable before dad comes to pick him up.

Max began to turn back. For some reason, everyone on the road got angry.

- What are you doing?! - the garbage truck rumbled past.

- Watch out! - flashed a tanker truck.

Suddenly, an old pickup truck rested against Max. A passenger car buried in a pickup truck, and behind it a truck cabin towered - he, too, could not drive. The whine rose. They all began to honk.

- Well, I’ve set up a cork,- the pickup sighed.

Max whimpered.

- What, escaped from school? asked the pickup.

Max nodded. Pickup smiled.

- Okay. This is a one-way road. That is, everyone should

go one way. Do you understand?

Max nodded again.

- Well, you tried to go to another and broke the rules.

Max cringed.

- Now we need to return to the general stream. Gently turn back.

Just don’t tear the bumper to me - he already knows how old.

Max began to turn.

- So, so, slow down ... hand over a little back ... - the pickup helped with advice.

Finally, Max managed to get up as it should. He immediately wanted to turn around and thank a new acquaintance.

-Hey hey, don't do this! - Just blink the emergency gang! Came the voice of the pickup.

- What?

- Well, the rear lights,” the pickup explained.

Pickup, which, incidentally, was called Ostap. spent Max to school itself. Just in time for the end of classes. Then dad drove up. After hearing the story of his son, he became gloomy.

- Don't scold him, - the pickup said goodbye. - After today's story, he is unlikely to want to skip school.

And so it happened. Max did not miss a single lesson.

But she still scolded him. But not very much.

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