- Tonti, look what a lovely dog! - Molly squealed enthusiastically. - Hi baby!

- How! - answered the baby.

- Oh, what is it like? - surprised Tonti.

- It is in ancient Indian. Greetings are. And my name is Chihuahua. And I'm the smallest dog in the world.

- What an outlandish name! Old Indian too?

- Sure. My ancestors appeared many hundreds of years ago in Mexico, in the Aztec tribe. So I'm a real Native American dog! The Aztecs loved us very much and even decorated their pyramids with our images. It was believed that we bring good luck! True, pocket dogs weren't affordable for everyone, ”Chi grinned. - Only the noble and wealthy could keep a chihuahua. They say that the emperor Montezuma had more than a hundred of these dogs, and a caretaker was assigned to each.

- How did you end up with us? - scratched her head Molly. - Mexico is so far away ...

“Yeah, that was a long way!” - Chi smiled slyly. - Together with the Spanish sailors who visited Mexico, we got to Europe. And then they conquered the whole world! After all, it is simply impossible not to love us for a cheerful disposition and a funny look!

- The Chihuahua is probably a very rare breed,- said Tonti. -You won’t meet you on the street either.

- Not at all rare. But it’s not for nothing that they call us pet dogs! Walking a Chihuahua like big dogs is not necessary. But in the rest we are no different from them. And we know how to execute commands, and we guard the house. And we are not at all afraid of the big dogs themselves - and Chi proudly lifted his tiny nose.

- That's really - small, but smart.

- And we are true friends not only for the owner, but also for his other pets. Do not offend either the canary or the hamster. And we get along well with cats. These are we wonderful!

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