If there are great artists and musicians, then there must be great farmers. This honorary title can be assigned without hesitation to the Aztecs and the ancient Mayans. After all, they learned to grow vegetables ‚.. right in the middle of the swamps.

It was these peoples who invented the chinamps - amazing floating gardens. Farmers were digging canals in swamps or lakes. And between them they made islands of plants. From above, silt collected from the bottom was poured - so the soil became fertile and suitable for growing vegetables and flowers. Fertilizers were caught right on the spot, from the water. Fish and shrimp were also caught there. This is quite convenient, isn't it?

Such unusual gardens yielded crops all year round. Capsicum ripened in September, tomatoes in October, and pumpkin ripened in February. Fresh vegetables were delivered to the market by boat. Directly from the garden.

Alas, with the disappearance of the Mayan civilization and the Aztec empire, the Chinampa fell into decay. But you can see these floating gardens even now - in the territory of modern Mexico. True, nothing useful is grown there anymore. Unless flowers for tourists who come to see the invention of ancient peoples.