Dromedary, or one-horned camel, is a very unusual animal. And not only in appearance.

Camels live in African, Arabian and Asian deserts. And not only live, but also serve a person for more than one thousand years. Caravans loaded with camel goods slowly go to distant lands. The most durable fabrics and the warmest blankets are made from camel hair. And the milk of camels is fatter and sweeter than cow's, and even healing!

In Egypt, a statuette of a loaded dromedary was found, whose age is more than 5000 years.

How do dromedaries manage to survive in the desert heated by day and cold night?

Firstly, thick wool protects from scorching rays during the day, like a sun umbrella. And at night it warms, like a heating pad. Secondly, there are thick corns on the soles of the camel to walk on the burning sand. The same corns are on the knees and chest, so the camel is not afraid to get burned if he lies down to rest. And thirdly, dromedaries eat any plants, even those that other herbivores would refuse, for example, a camel thorn.

A camel can easily not drink 10 days, but in 10 minutes it drinks 10 buckets of water!

Once upon a time, people thought that a camel does not drink for a long time because it stores water in its humps or stomach. But in fact, the whole body of a camel is designed so that it almost does not lose moisture. Having drunk water, a camel, like a sponge, absorbs it with all body tissues. And then he tries to spend as little as possible. Camels do not sweat. And even when they breathe, they breathe out not moist, like all animals, but almost dry air. And they try to breathe infrequently, only 16 times per minute. A dog would take 300 breaths in a minute.

Dromedary is a pacifier. It takes a step first with two rights - front and back - with legs, and then with two left.

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