Evrazhka is not a character of Russian folk tales, but a funny gopher. In Chukotka, these animals can be seen in all sorts of grooves and ravines, and here they were called earlier - ravines. And then the first letter changed - and it turned out euraska.

Now eurags are already sleeping in their minks. But spring will come, and meltwater will flood their houses. Gophers will run to the surface and announce the neighborhood with a joyful squeak. And then they will go in search of something tasty. What I’m not eating, I’m biting you ”- this is exactly about the Euro-women. Mushrooms with bitten hats can often be seen in the tundra. But this, of course, in the fall. And in the spring, euromons rush towards human habitation. They fearlessly take food directly from their hands, and for a piece of bread, they willingly “pose” in front of tourists' cameras. A favorite pastime of locals is to treat eurages with balls of butter. When the oil in the mouth begins to melt, the eurasque, under general laughter, bewilderedly feels her paws on her cheeks - after all, they were just full, and now they are empty! But if the gophers take offense at people, then not for long, and again come to visit them. Still would! In the forest they have enemies - apparently invisible: owls, foxes, wolves, bears, wolverines. And people, although they make fun of eurages, still treat them with great sympathy.