The ancient Egyptians loved to light many lights in the dark. They even came up with a holiday called "lamps". But the ancient Greeks were bored to look at the peacefully burning lights, and 1300 years ago they invented a special loud "Greek fire". Fireballs flew from long pipes under the pressure of air.

The Slavs had their own cunning way to arrange a vivid spectacle. They threw moss into the fire, which instantly flashed with bright sparks. The Chinese, in order to admire the flare of fire, threw green bamboo into the fire. He hissed, chadil and finally exploded. So in China they scared evil spirits. And 1100 years ago, invented gunpowder. Black powder has become the basis for "heavenly fire." Visiting merchants were shocked. "The Chinese have learned to light fiery fountains in the sky!" they said.

Soon, the Italians became very addicted to the fireworks. They staged a magnificent performance with statues that spew out flames. Fireworks were very fond of Peter the Great. Then they were called "funny lights" in Russia. On the eighteen-year-old Peter in the sky with the help of Fireworks was painted Hercules, tearing apart the mouth of a lion. Since then, at the behest of the king on holidays in the sky “burned” whole pictures: palaces, arbors, waterfalls, fountains ...

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