Of the crocodiles, he is so alone - with a long and very narrow muzzle.

Gavials live on the Hindustan Peninsula, are found in the rivers Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra. They are called giant, because in length they grow to six and a half meters, larger than it is only a combed crocodile! But the jaws of these giants look very funny. It was as if they had been harassed from another, small crocodile. Therefore, the gavial has to eat fish, small birds and animals. For humans, gavial is not dangerous.

Gavials are rarely selected on land, because here they become slow and clumsy. Weak paws hardly lift the heavy body. Therefore, the gavial on the ground simply creeps on its belly, pushing off with all its “legs”. But in the water there is no crocodile faster and faster than it. Deep fast rivers are his home. Gaviales are very rare animals; hunting is prohibited.

Like other crocodiles, gavials lay eggs. Under the cover of night, Kroko-Mama gets out onto a sandbank, digs a hole, lays eggs, and sprinkles them with sand and grass from above. Every night, a female comes to the nest to check if everything is in order. After 2-3 months, crocodiles appear. They immediately run to the water with all their feet. For several weeks, the mother will look after them and protect them in every way.

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