It’s easy to run around walls and ceilings, climb smooth glass - such skills will be envied by any circus performer, climber and even Spider-Man!

But for a small gecko lizard, these are not circus tricks, but ordinary life.

Scientists from ancient times fought over the gecko's riddle, but solved it recently. Of course, it was immediately clear that the matter was in unusual paws.

But how do they “work”? Are glued? Not! Work like suckers? Also past. Stick like an electrified hair to a plastic comb? Not that again.

And only with the invention of the electron microscope the secret was revealed.

It turned out that the whole thing is in the smallest bristles on the fingers of the lizard. Only on one finger of the gecko - about two hundred million bristles! And each, like a brush, diverges into hundreds of individual hairs. And at the end of each hair is a spatula. Here is such a complex device. The power of a billion “paws” invisible to a simple eye keeps the gecko on its weight, allowing it to cling to the smallest irregularities. A man with such power could hold a car on its weight! Lizards live — they stick in the tropics and often coexist with humans. With the onset of darkness, they leave their shelters - because at night a lot of delicious insects fly into the electric light! And this is exactly what our unusual lizards need. Indeed, almost all geckos are predators. Little ones feed on different bugs, spiders, caterpillars and ants. And those that are larger, even catch mice. In pursuit of prey, geckos move with incredible speed. Just sat on the floor and - rrr-times! - Already climbed the ceiling! Real super lizards!

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