Oh, and Molly had a hard day. The school was asked in all subjects, and she, as luck would have it, did not prepare for anything.

- I wish Tonti had brains. thought Molly, falling asleep. - And leave my character

In a dream, Molly was in the laboratory. The professor in a white coat hid something under a large sheet and looked conspiratorially at Molly.

- I bring to your attention the latest development of genetic engineering: the most intelligent and fun creature in the world, Molly, - he announced and tore off the sheet.

Molly was horrified to see a half-half-self.

- Genes are a great thing,” the professor continued to broadcast. They determine our appearance, our character, our abilities! Knowing genetics well, you can even roughly calculate which child you will have. At least the color of the eyes and hair can be predicted with a high degree of probability. But what to do when you need to derive a new sign? One that none of the parents have? Then genetic engineering comes to our aid. By combining different genes that in nature would never have been combined, you can get new species of animals and plants, much more advanced than those created by nature. Genetically modified vegetables and fruits grow and ripen faster than usual and are larger. And beetles with worms do not eat them. Such products will save the planet from hunger.

- And I heard,- another professor suddenly said, “that genetically modified foods are very dangerous to health.- No one knows how crossed genes behave. Perhaps they will cause incurable diseases.

- Genetic engineering is a young science. - answered the first professor. - It appeared in the twentieth century and is only developing, so mistakes are inevitable. But we work! And here is a wonderful result - Lightning! Now he will show you his skills. With great laughter, Solnty began to solve the problems.

... Molly awoke in horror and hastily felt herself. Everything was OK. Then she looked into the textbook on mathematics ... The tasks did not become clearer.

- well! - Molly was delighted. “I would probably live without dull brains.- And if anything, you can always write off him!