- At the other end of the world, in South America, there are many amazing animals: tiny hummingbirds, fluffy chinchillas and predatory piranha fish ... But I will say without false modesty that we Goatsins are the biggest mystery for scientists! We live on the banks of rivers and build nests over water. And our chicks, although we are not waterfowl, can swim. So they are saved from enemies. If any snake gets to the nest, the chick boldly throws itself into the water. Climbing back does not cost him anything, because on wings he has real claws! But in adult goacins, the claws disappear.

Yes, and you can’t drive us into the water. We can fly, but we can’t fly off the ground. To fly, we need to climb higher on a branch and plan from there, as in a hang glider. Scientists say that a huge goiter prevents us from flying. And why is he needed? Goacinths eat the leaves of trees, and the stomach can’t cope with such hard foods. Therefore, the leaves begin to be digested already in the goiter. Because of this, an unpleasant smell appears, and we were even called stinky birds. But we are not offended. After all, the smell saves us from predators, and most importantly - from a man with his guns.

Our appearance is also strange: as if we took a little bit from a variety of birds. For a long time, scientists could not even understand what kind of us to be attributed. It was believed, for example, that our closest relatives are hens. Because we also fly badly. But in the end it turned out that most of all we look like ancient birds, archeopteryx. That is, goacin is something between a bird and a dinosaur. So there you go!

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