Mountain beaver


- Let me introduce myself. I am an applause, a mountain beaver. “Where can beavers come from in the mountains?” - you ask and you will be absolutely right! After all, in fact, I have nothing to do with beavers.

I live in North America and belong to one of the oldest species of rodents. My ancestors lived on the earth sixty million years ago! And in appearance I am rather a big hamster than a beaver. Yes, and my tail is not the same as that of a beaver: very small. And not at all like a paddle. It is understandable. A beaver needs such a tail in order to swim, but I, even though I can swim too, live underground. You see what ‚long and strong claws I have? They are comfortable digging tangled underground passages. Due to the fact that I spend a lot of time in the dark, my eyes are small and my eyesight is very poor. But a luxurious mustache vibrissa helps to find the road underground. Before and my scent is excellent.

Looking at me, you might think that I am a clumsy creature. After all, my gait is slow, too much. But I can skillfully climb the bushes! And I can even climb a tree, cutting branches for myself for lunch, eating grass, juicy roots, and all kinds of leaves. I especially like fern, it is very tasty! And in the winter I gnaw at the tree bark. I also do stocks: I take leaves, grass and bark into the underground passages and pile up. Sometimes I stock up so much that I don’t eat! Then you have to do a spring cleaning and throw away something that is no longer suitable for food.

And of course, I’m not building any dams. But I also love water - both to drink and swim - therefore, there must be a lake or rivulet nearby. So, maybe it's not for nothing that they called me a beaver!