Once, a merchant stopped at a tavern overnight. Mistress of the tavern was greedy and envious. She saw a big bale behind the merchant's back - and thinks: “It would be nice if he forgot it from us, we would profit.”

She consulted with her husband. And he in greed did not concede to his wife:

- Feed him henbane. From her, people immediately become forgetful. The mistress ran in the field, narwhal henbane. She mixed this potion in all dishes and fed the guest. The merchant immediately became stupefied and went to bed, and in the morning he hastily got up and left.

The hostess immediately rushed into his room and, anticipating the find, began to examine her. But there was nothing in the room.

“I fed so many henbane, but no use!” - the hostess was indignant.

- Can not be! - objected her husband. He also entered the bedroom, but found nothing.

For some time the owner of the tavern stood thinking about something. Then he slapped his forehead and screamed:

- Well, of course! Forgot!.. Pay for overnight!

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