There are several ways to understand what you like.

  1. What, what, and courtship is a sure sign! All kinds of signs of attention, compliments, gifts, manifestations of care clearly speak about feelings for you.

  2. More about sympathy can be judged by the look. If a person constantly watches you, even communicating with others, you are of interest to him. Pay attention to situations when you are not talking, but the person’s eyes are turned on you.

  3. During the conversation, the one who likes you usually takes an open pose; body turned in your direction, does not cross arms and legs. If a person in love with you is shy, then during a conversation he can twirl different objects in his hands (for example, a telephone).

  4. A person who likes you will want to be as close to you as possible. Anyone who is in love will unconsciously begin to touch your hand, pat on the shoulder. It may even touch your things. And some boys disguise sympathy, pulling girls by the hair.

  5. If someone is interested in your life, hobbies and opinions about everything in the world - this is also one of the signs of sympathy. And be sure to keep an eye on whether this person communicates in the same way with others, if the conversation is more calm and respectful with you, this indicates love.

But, of course, the surest way to find out about falling in love with you is a frank conversation. You can take the first step and call a boy or girl for a walk. When you meet, it is much easier to understand that you like. Friendly relations between you or something more!