You easily cope with some school subjects, but for some reason you lag behind in others? No problem! How well to study? Let*s talk about little tricks to improve your grades!

  1. It is difficult for a teacher to lead a lesson if the talkers in the classroom make noise and distract everyone. Show respect and follow the formal rules and requirements of the teacher: behave politely in the lesson, draw up written work according to the teacher*s model. It is necessary that he does not have negative associations towards you.

  2. Show the teacher that you want to get better grades in his subject. Come a couple of times during recess and ask for clarification on the topic of the lesson. Take the initiative and agree, for example, to write an abstract. All this will impress you in the eyes of the teacher.

  3. In some subjects, it is easier to succeed if you have a truly gifted classmate next to you. For laboratory work, choose an excellent student as a pair: he will help you understand the problem, and the teacher will associate you with a knowledgeable student.

  4. Sometimes volunteer to answer at the blackboard, having previously learned a lesson at home, even if you have to cram. There is a chance that in the next lesson you will not be called to the blackboard, since you will already have a fresh A (Although, if the teacher also reads this secret, there is no chance.)

  5. Study challenging, interesting content in a difficult subject. Visit cool exhibitions or museums, where you can really catch fire with an intractable topic. And then you don't even have to resort to tricks - after all, what arouses sincere interest is easy and pleasant to learn!

  6. Try to do your homework. Lo, I remember, it was terribly lazy for you! But there will definitely be results from constant repetition, even if the subject is not among your favorites.

  7. Ask your parents to hire a tutor if the subject is important in the future (for example, you need to take the exam for it). In general, try to realize your strengths: and study deeper exactly what you are really interested in and let the study be a joy!

I hope this article will help you and you understand how to study well. Good luck with your grades.