From the life of vampires


The sun was going down. Two vampires sat on a bench in the park, looking forward to an early dinner.

-Tell me, colleague,- the first vampire began a casual conversation, - by what criteria do you choose your food?- By smell? In appearance?

- I love chubby people with a good complexion,- the second answered. -Their blood is sweet and nutritious.- What are you guided by?

- And I choose by nature.

-What the hell are you talking about? How is character related to blood ?!

- Very connected.- You know that there are four different blood types. So, the representatives of each group are very different from each other in character. The owners of the first group are leaders. Those with the second group are quiet. The third type of blood is usually with creative people, and the fourth with business people. I was planning to write memoirs about my life, so I urgently need the blood of the third group. I’ll wait until some creative person passes here.

- Since you, a colleague, are such a connoisseur of blood, tell me, a beginner, why is it red? If it were colorless, we would attract less attention to ourselves. And then all these spots, traces ...

- The blood is red due to the fact that it contains a lot of red blood cells - red blood cells. There is oxygen in the blood. The arteries that carry blood throughout the body have the most oxygen. Therefore, arterial blood is bright red. And the one that flows through the veins is much less saturated with oxygen. She is dark, almost brown. By the way, we better not bite children, but adults - they have more blood, as much as six liters. Whereas in children - only four.

- But I’m thinking ‚is it not very dangerous for people? Won't all blood leak from our bites?

- If you don’t overdo it and drink the whole thing, then it won’t flow out. There are platelets in the blood that help her clot.

- Shh! Someone is coming. Chubby, just like I love ‚..

- Mmm ... and with a guitar! So creative, just what you need! Whoever intercepts the first - that and dinner.

And the vampires rushed towards an unsuspecting passerby