How to love yourself


Every day you learn to build relationships with other people - at school, at home, in the store and just outside. Well, what about relationships with yourself? After all, without the right attitude to yourself it is very difficult to take care and give good support to your friends and relatives. How to learn to love yourself?

  1. Love is a daily concern. Mothers adore their babies, including because they take care of them daily. Therefore, try to do at least one pleasant thing for you every day: put on your favorite things, read books you like, take a bath with foam. Take care of your body and keep your mood at a high level.

  2. Self-love is associated with self-esteem. Psychologists recommend praising yourself for all the work done - this simple exercise improves your self-esteem quite well. Did you exercise in the morning? Well done! Not late for school? Good girl! Feel free to cheer yourself up even for small successes. For the most advanced: write 5 things every night for which you can praise yourself on this day.

  3. In your free time, pay attention to talent development. Love to sing? Take vocals. Crazy about football? Train passes on the pope. Use your free time efficiently. Thanks to this, you will begin to respect yourself, seeing successes in your favorite business, and you will get a lot of pleasure from life. And you will not be bored alone, because you can spend this time behind your favorite pastime.

  4. Take care of your borders. Learn to listen to your inner voice and refuse if you do not want to do something suggested by others. You will learn to better understand yourself and appreciate your own thoughts and ideas, which means - to love yourself. In the future, thanks to your borders, you will not tolerate resentment and humiliation from those around you. The main thing is to uphold the borders to behave calmly and benevolently. If the interlocutor is stubborn and aggressive, it’s easier to smile and end the conversation than to argue.

Remember, you are the most important person in your life, beautiful and wonderful! Do not allow yourself to think differently and beware of those around you who suggest the opposite. Develop your talents and dignity and keep your love and self-respect.