How to become a leader


Do you dream of becoming a class star? Make your classmates listen to you? Let's talk about what qualities to develop in order to become a true leader.

Only 5% of people are believed to have innate leadership tendencies. But I suggest you try to "pump" yourself and start confidently communicating with people, regardless of inclinations.

  1. Self-esteem of the leader does not depend on external circumstances (behavior, school marks). Remember: you are a wonderful person, and successes or failures that happen in life are just the outer shell. Strengthen self-esteem, this is important.

  2. Reaction to failure. Everyone has difficulties, it is important not to give up after them! Be sure to analyze what could have been done differently, but keep trying and believe in success. Henry Ford also did not immediately create a car and got rich. Be patient.

  3. Do not be afraid to take responsibility. Look for solutions to problems yourself, do more tasks around the house. There is always a team behind the leader, and it is important to learn to be responsible not only for yourself, but also for others.

  4. Learn to listen, not push through only personal opinion. Others may have cool ideas, so try to choose an objectively correct solution, rather than bend your own line. This is leadership wisdom.

  5. Develop your speech and learn to argue reasonably.

  6. Take care of others: empathize, support, help. Learn to imagine yourself in the place of another person.

  7. Develop creative thinking. Leaders often encounter unusual situations in which they cannot do without ingenuity. Always try to come up with several solutions to the problem, show imagination in relation to ordinary objects (for example, in a game with a younger brother a stick can turn into a sword or horse).

If you start using at least a couple of these tips, you will already become much more confident in yourself!