How to pull your hand and answer at the blackboard


“Goes to the board ...” Often at this moment something inside is compressed. And speaking to the whole class is the worst of nightmares. How to overcome fear by answering at the blackboard?

Sometimes even adults are scared to speak in public. They are also afraid to make a mistake with a large number of people or become the subject of ridicule. Also, listeners can rate you lower than they would like. Let's try to figure out what can be done with this.

  1. If you are afraid of a particular teacher, ask your parents for help and rehearse at home. Develop a clear response plan. Play the whole situation in detail - both as a teacher and in your own. Imagine the worst case scenario and how to avoid it.

  2. During the response, select one in the classroom who is definitely friendly and tell only him. It’s as if the rest are simply gone Ask your friend in advance as a reassuring listener.

  3. Classmates are not a collection of strict judges. To relax a bit, imagine them in funny costumes. Then it will not be so scary to answer. But do not get carried away too much, because belittling others is not good.

  4. Observe those who are great at answering at the blackboard. How do they do it? You can ask them for advice. Imagine answering just as calmly and confidently. This will give you the mood you need.

  5. When you are called to the board, take a few deep breaths. Standing in front of the class, feel your feet touch the ground and give you support. For a moment, tighten your arms and legs, and then relax them. Answer yourself a few questions: “Who am I? What am I doing?" This will help to distract from the excitement and concentrate.

  6. Look for acting classes with your parents. There you will be taught to speak in front of an audience with pleasure, using the strongest points. For example, natural charm or a sense of humor.

  7. And finally - always carefully prepare for the lessons and honestly learn the material!

You will surely be able to confidently and calmly answer at the blackboard. Try different ways to overcome fear, and something will work!

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