How to remember everything


Learn less and remember more? It is possible. You just need to learn how to use special techniques of mnemonics. And today we will share them with you!

Mnemonics - are rules and techniques that help you remember information better and faster, and also increase the amount of memory. Sounds tempting, right? Now let's try these tricks in action.


How to memorize numbers and dates

A special system will help here: in order to remember the date or house number, you need to make a phrase out of words, the number of letters in which is equal to the remembered numbers.

So. The founding date of Moscow is 1147. Make a four-word phrase where the first and second will have 1 letter, in the third - 4, and in the fourth - 7.

For example: - My brother and I are students - (11.4.7). It is much easier to recall such phrases in a history lesson than a difficult date.


How to memorize terms

Terms can become easy if you learn them with the help of harmonies. Many compound words have “analogs,” simple words that resemble them. For example, the term "spelling" can be remembered through "or pho (that) graphy" and the syntax as "syn [s | taxi".


How to remember foreign words

Here we use the method of associations: we find a word in Russian that resembles a foreign one and select a vivid image for it. For example, the word puddle (puddle) is consonant with the Russian word “fell”. Now remember the phrase "I fell into a puddle" - and vividly imagine how you actually fall into a puddle and how disgusting and wet you are! Now always, when you need to remember the English "puddle", this bright image will pop up in your head, and you will not forget it! Pick up such vivid associations for all the words that you can’t learn.


How to memorize word sequences

You can probably list all the colors of the rainbow, because you know the phrase "every hunter wants to know where the Pheasant sits." This is also one of the tricks of mnemonics! So you can memorize any sequence. To name the color order of the Russian flag at any time, learn the abbreviation KGB, which means "red, blue, white." You can also rhyme words and remember them as a rhyme. For example, 7 wonders of the world can be easily remembered with the help of a rhymed line: “Pyramid, Artemis, Mausoleum, Semiramis, Zeus at Olympia, Rhodes, and even the lighthouse of Faros.” Rhyme so any sets of words - and you will not forget them.

If you devote 10-15 minutes a day to the techniques of mnemonics, over time you will be able to complete any homework, where you need to remember something, once or twice. The main thing to remember: the more you train, the more you remember!

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