How I spent classmates


What is the first of September for? To see school friends and find out how they spent the summer! After the line Artyom, Fedya, Roma and Sonya stayed in the schoolyard to chat. Sonya looked at Roma and said:

- Wow, how did you grow up! You are now taller than me.

Roma smiled rather and squared his shoulders.

- And he probably ate a lot of porridge in the summer! - snapped Fedya, who had hardly grown over the summer.

- Imagine eating! - answered Roma. - Marching, from the pot, you have not tried this. I was on Elbrus in the summer.

- On Elbrus? What did you do there? - surprised Sonya.

- Conquered the mountain peaks, of course!

- Well, how, subdued? - asked Fedya with a grin.

- Conquered. What surprises you?

- Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe! So I believed that you climbed on it!

- Imagine climbing,- Roma answered confidently. - And on Elbrus, and on Cheget. Do not want, do not believe. We were there for two weeks. Do you know how much you stomped? They walked ten kilometers a day! Now to the waterfalls, then to the observatory. And on the peaks were, of course ... Your legs would fall off so much to walk! And you yourself, probably, spent the whole summer again with your grandmother in the Moscow Region?

- But why . Not everything, Fedya answered. - My parents and I went to St. Petersburg to watch white nights.

- Pf! I, too, have a great journey, - Roma grinned.

- Yes, the journey! - Fedya said displeasedly, - St. Petersburg is not just a city - it is a window to Europe! Have you heard that expression? From there you can sail wherever you want. Do you know which liners go there? Huge as a house! So we took and bought tickets for such a liner.

- How interesting! - surprised Sonya. - And where did you go? - Really on a trip around the world ?!

- Not around the world, but many countries have looked, yes, - Fedya answered importantly.

- And where were you? - asked Artyom with interest.

- Well, first we sailed to Finland, it is very close there! Then to Sweden, Denmark. Then ... - Fedya thought. - Then to the Czech Republic and this one as her ... Slovakia! And then to Estonia and from there returned to St. Petersburg.

- Oh, I also want to go to Denmark, there is a little mermaid! - Sonya said dreamily. Then she looked at Artyom and asked: - And what did you do in the summer?

-Yes, nothing special, - Shoma shrugged. -At first I was in the city camp, then I rested with my aunt on the Volga.- Bathed and read. And there’s nothing more to do there — the town is small, there are few entertainments.

- And how much have you read? - asked Roma,

-The whole list we were asked for the summer,- answered Artyom.

- In floods! - Fedya laughed. - I would rather believe that Romka Elbrus conquered. No one can read the entire list over the summer. What is there over the summer, you won’t even read it in a year!

-You do not want, do not believe me, something,- answered Tema calmly. -I read for myself, and not to brag to you.- You'd better learn geography, the traveler Fedya for some reason immediately wilted, but then decisively turned to Sonya.

-Well, how did you spend your summer?

- Oh, I was at the camp first, and then my parents and I were relaxing on the Black Sea. It was so great! I really, really love the sea! See how tanned? - And Sonya flirted around coquettishly.

-Great tan,- said Roma. -He really suits you!

-Yeah,- Artyom nodded. -And another tan — your alibi.

You look, and you can immediately see: it was at sea. Well, you can trust someone. Sonya laughed. Then she looked slyly at the boys and asked

- And you?

Do you think all the guys told the truth? If not, which of them lied and what betrayed him?

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