Surely you, like everyone wants to start a *new life* from Monday. For example, to study only on one five or to go in for sports. But enthusiasm is quickly passing, and the *new life* does not begin. So how do you keep your promise.

  1. Break a big dream into small goals and fulfill one of them every week. Small steps will help to take action and bring closer to the dream.

  2. Write a plan to achieve what you want and keep a diary daily, noting your progress.

  3. Do not put off until tomorrow, act now. Just take a tiny step right this minute.

  4. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. If family members make fun of your goal, it’s best to keep your dream secret. And if the negative comes from acquaintances or classmates, it is better to completely stop close communication with such people, because criticism will reduce your faith in yourself.

  5. Act with a like-minded person. For example, if your dream is to play sports 2 times a week, train with a friend. Together it will be more fun, and a light spirit of competition will help to achieve better results. And laziness will be more difficult. Indeed, it will be embarrassing to a friend when, instead of training, you stay at home.

  6. If your dream is to divide into several independent goals (for example, the dream is to be healthy, and the goals are to go to the pool, eat an apple every day, do exercises, download a press), then each of the goals should be devoted to a month. Do not do it all at once. A habit is formed in 21 days, and if you succeed in at least 1 point in a month, it will be much better than failing all 4 at once.

  7. The decline in motivation is normal. Let yourself sometimes get tired, lazy. Let small mistakes not affect your general mood.

Anyone can keep a promise. I believe in you!