Keshin passport


In one old house there are two sisters - Taya and Lyolya. And two more dads, two mothers, the most beloved grandmother — granny and Kesha!

Kesha is very serious, dirty white, always shaggy, like a mop, which sailors tear down the deck of. No, Kesha is not a person. Kesha is a stern dog! And he has only one weakness - pieces of paper. Large and small, with drawings and numbers, thin, thick - any. He left a piece of paper unattended - and after a moment she was already in the dog’s mouth.

The most interesting stories in the house take place on boring days, when outside the window it is raining, snowing and other cold horrors. Today is just such a day. Tyaya and Lyolia jumped on the couch, left their pillows, made a nest in the closet and almost started to get bored, but then a terribly dirty Kesha came into the room.

“We should wash it,” Taya said.

“And cut your hair,” added Lola

“But Kesha is grandmother, and you need to ask permission,” Taya doubted.

- Come and ask!

Lelia went to the kitchen.

- Grandma, Kesha looks very shaggy. Not a dog, but some kind of Egyptian plague, ”she began from afar.

Grandma immediately understood where the wind was blowing, and strictly said:

- Kesha do not touch! He must be shaggy Kesha thoroughbred dog - lapdog. He even has a passport. What a news! Kesha has a passport! What is he ‚dog passport? Is there a photograph there, and how did Kesha turn out on it? What is his name on his passport? The name is clear, the surname is Sobakin? And middle name? How is your grandmother? Kesha Spiridonovich Sobakin. It had to be checked. But where is the passport? Kesha must know! The girls surrounded the dog, who comfortably settled on his grandmother's favorite chair.

“Kesha, where is your passport?” - asked Lelya.

“Rrr,” Kesha answered immediately.

“You are not asking so,” Taya corrected, “it must be affectionately.” Keshenka, where is your passport?

- Rrrrrrrr! - did not give up Kesha.

- Well, do not say! I already know! My grandmother’s passport is in a box that must not be touched.

The girls hesitated a little, but then they still opened the chest of drawers and took out a box. There were so many wonderful things here that they immediately forgot about both the passport and Kesha. But in vain! Because Kesha only pretended to be sleeping. And when one small, but very important piece of paper fell on the carpet, he instantly ate it,

- Oh, what if it was Keshin’s passport? - Lola muttered in horror.

- How is he without a passport? Taya roared at once.

Without a passport, no one, no one will know which Kesha is thoroughbred, and he will have to leave home, because non-pedigree dogs are curs, and they live on the street. Poor lonely Kesha will wander around the trash and spend the night under the bush. And there are wolves, spiders with snakes, crocodiles, Baba Yaga and Koschey. The poor dog will catch a cold and feel hungry right away. After all, he does not know how to cook porridge and take out bones from the refrigerator.

“Maybe if we tell grandmother about a passport, will she come up with something?” - Tyaya timidly suggested and was immediately frightened, because she would fly by the box. The girls imagined how the grandmother frowned and said in her most austere voice: “How embarrassing you are, such big girls!” Ouch!

They went to their room and thought for a little while, cried a little, and then - there was nothing to do - they went to save Kesha.

Grandmother was sitting in a chair by the dresser and did not suspect anything.

“We must tell you ...” Lola began, but then she saw that my grandmother had taken out the very box that could not be touched, and threw the pieces of paper into the bucket.

- What are you doing? They are important! shouted the girls in unison.

“These are old receipts, it's time to throw them away,” my grandmother explained. “What did you want to tell me?” Did you do something again?

- It's not us. This is Kesha. He ate papers! - honestly admitted Lyolya.

And then she whispered to Tae in her ear:

“So there was no passport in the forbidden box!” But I know where he is!

“In my mother’s drawer, whose key is hidden behind the door?” Taya realized.

- Aha! - nodded happy Lelya.

The search for a passport would certainly continue, but it turned out that it was time to sleep. And tomorrow the sun came out and a completely different story happened. After all, two little girls always have something to do.

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