Red panda


Lives somewhere in the mountains of China, one very pretty animal - red, with sharp ears and a fluffy tail. Do you think this is a fox? And no! This is a panda! Everyone thinks that pandas are funny black and white bears and they have nothing to do with foxes. So the red panda (that's what the mysterious Chinese animal is called) also has nothing to do with foxes. In addition to her appearance, because of which the British nicknamed her a fiery fox. She also has other names: “shining cat”, “cat bear”. But the red panda is all right, as it is called. She certainly knows that she is a real panda. Like her black and white relatives, she loves to feast on juicy stalks and bamboo leaves. In search of food, the panda sets off when it gets dark. In the afternoon, she lies on a tree branch, hanging down four legs and a tail, and sweetly squints. Or curls up in some cool hollow and sleeps, covering his head with his tail. This is life! On the face, each panda has a mask. Moreover, it is different for everyone - it never repeats itself. This is for masking. After all, pandas live on trees covered with moss, and in a red-and-white mask it is quite difficult to make out. I found these charming animals several centuries ago, an Englishman. At first, he could not even think that he had found a panda, therefore he proposed to name the new animal with the strange word “wa” - it was these sounds that it made. But the Chinese called the beast a panda, and they better know the name of the one who is found in their mountains. The Englishman returned home and told everyone about the strange pandas. Of course, everyone liked them. People began to take them from the mountains and settle in zoos. And pandas do not mind - if only there was delicious food. Well, trees to climb. And in your city zoo there are red pandas?