Shrimp - Mantis


On a sunny summer day, in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, washing the Great Barrier Reef, two little sisters, butterfly fish, swam and chatted merrily.

- What a blessing to live in such a beautiful place! - Ginny waved her fins.

Yeah! And so many unusual neighbors! - wagged tail Maggie.

- Look, what a beauty!- Shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow! Let's get to know her!

- What are you! - Ginny recoiled in horror. “It's a mantis shrimp!”

- Why were you so scared?

- This is a shrimp - a predator! Yes, what! You do not look that she is beautiful. It was not for nothing that she was nicknamed “the Mantis”. Like an insect mantis, this shrimp is able to throw out its spiked front jaws with lightning speed to hit prey or scare off the enemy. Mantis does this instantly. And the mantis shrimp is fifty times faster! Here she is an unrivaled champion.

Only she alone in the whole world is capable of making such a quick movement!

- Oh - the bright yellow Maggie even turned pale - But I wanted to make friends with her!

Yes ‚better not. Mantis shrimp is also called fighting crayfish and brawlers. You definitely won't make friends with this. She attacks not only fish, but also other shrimp, cuttlefish and even mollusks with their strong shells. A careless scuba diver can also suffer, trying to catch a bright sea miracle of a wound on his finger will be provided to him

- But it’s not so easy to catch a quick fish.” How does the shrimp succeed?

- Very simple! Her strong tail can instantly unclench, pushing the mantis shrimp forward, as if from a catapult. Shrimp guards its victims at the exit from the sand mink. As soon as he sees the prey - and her eyes are surprisingly sharp-sighted - then the DAC is ready.

- You know, sister ... Swam away from this beauty!