- I flew to Earth to enslave you, Tonti, and make you solve puzzles instead!- Cried Molly. - Agree! Otherwise, I will incinerate you with my laser beam! .

- With a laser beam, you won’t scare and surprise anyone,- Tonti answered calmly. - Back in 1927, the writer Alexei Tolstoy invented it and wrote a whole fantastic novel about it, “The Engineer Gorin's Hyperboloid” is called.

- You think so.” - hurt Molly. - If you're so smart, can you also explain how the laser works?

- You are welcome. Particles of ordinary light seem to “scatter” to the sides, and this scatters the light. But if you pass it through a special crystal, the particles will come together and fly in one direction. Get a powerful beam that can beat to the moon!

- And how do they use it on Earth?

- As you wish! The laser helps cashiers in stores read the barcode on goods and find out how much they cost. Laser perform complex operations and cut metal. The military has laser-armed weapons, and schoolchildren have laser pointers that can be used instead of wooden ones.

Just remember - you should never shine a laser beam in your eyes! This greatly spoils the vision. And I’ll help you solve the problems.