Moonlight night


The full moon was shining. Somewhere deep in the forest, the nightingale sang sweetly. Suddenly, the lunar path shuddered, scattered with oil reflections. Mermaids appeared on the shore. They laughed, squirted and grabbed each other's tails.

Some sat on tree branches and began to sway. Others settled in the sand, tucking their shiny tails under themselves, and began to comb their long hair. Still others circled in a round dance in the very center of the lake.

- Girls, does anyone know the fables that people write about us? one of them said.

- Oh, I heard here how one fisherman told another that we can turn into squirrels, rats and frogs! - complained the mermaid Dasha.

- This is what! - picked up the mermaid Marina. - Two local girls in the river bathed, and one of them assured us that we, mermaids, steal clothes from girls

- And I recently overheard the conversation of the hunters,- the Mermaid of Light intervened, “so they claimed that we strive to tickle every person we meet to death.

Little mermaid Galya adjusted her glasses and said:

- Recently, a rumor has passed through the village that some grandfather captured the mermaid and she works for him at home.

Everyone thought for a while and fell silent for a while.

- Do you know that European mermaids will soon come to our lake for the exchange of experience?- Sirens. And also - some special German Undins. These undines have no ponytail but incredibly beautiful hair.

Everyone began to comb their diligent past. Then water appeared from the water. He was very angry. This was evident from the way his green mustache bristled.

- Well, march home! he commanded. - It’s been a long time since the couple slept! Tomorrow to school!

Mermaids became alarmed and quickly jumped into the water. The lunar path again lay on a sleepy lake.