- If you read the "Book of the Jungle” by the writer Rudyard Kipling, you probably already know about me - a brave mongoose who declared a merciless war on horrible poisonous cobras! And if not, I’m ready to tell you right now about my glorious exploits. Listen up!

To begin with, we mongooses are predators, But you have nothing to fear. Cats are also predators, but people keep them at home. We look a bit like cats. Both the fur and the long tail are like a cat’s. But we are more flexible and agile, and our muzzle is narrow.

Mongooses are terribly curious! We need to find out and sniff out everything, otherwise we will simply die of curiosity! We are also very sociable, so it’s easy to tame us. We value friendship with a person. Believe me, not a single intruder will be happy if he makes his way into the house where the mongoose lives! This is especially true for snakes. To cope with an adult cobra is a couple of trifles for me! And it doesn’t matter that I’m so small, but she’s big. It's not about growth or strength, but dexterity.

I am very agile and agile, so I can easily dodge fatal lunges and poisonous teeth. Choosing the right moment, I grab the cobra by the back of my head. And that’s it, victory! The enemy is defeated!

But even if I suddenly make a mistake and the cobra bites me - it's not scary. Her poison has almost no effect on me. So we mongooses are arranged.

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