Lampreys are a very ancient species of animals. They were the forerunners of fish.

- Lampreys have no scales. But the fins - only on the back and on the abdomen, lateral, like other fish, no. And instead of gills - breathing holes. Most fish, like animals, birds, and humans, have jaws. And the lamprey has a mouth - just a round hole.

- But how does it eat?

- Lamprey sucks in food like a funnel. Along the edges of the funnel are horny “teeth”. And the lamprey’s tongue is not simple: it’s very powerful and also has a grater. She can’t chew on a lamprey, and she doesn’t need it. Lamprey is a predator, it attacks large fish and sticks to it for a long time, and when it gets hungry, it drinks blood. So travels.

- What a horror! And it is impossible to shake it off?

- Lamprey holds very tightly, screwed to its prey like a screw. But besides fish, nobody else should be afraid of it.

- Do lampreys like warm or cold seas?

- Lampreys more like cool water. But although they live in salty seas, they lay eggs in fresh rivers, just like they suck. In summer, lampreys gather in flocks and swim to where the river flows into the sea. And rise upstream higher and higher. And so that the current does not blow down, they stick to the stones. The word lamprey, in fact, means "licking stones." Having found a suitable place, lampreys build a nest and lay eggs. On this their life ends. But in two weeks the larvae will appear. They will grow - and in half a year young lampreys will go back to the sea!