Teddy bear


It was fun and noisy in a large forest glade. Teddy bears sat around the cake and were animatedly discussing something.

- This is our 139th birthday!

- And it seems to me that we are already more than two thousand years old. Even in ancient Egypt there were toys.

- Ancient toys do not count. They were not soft. Our story began in 1880 when Margaret Steif, a very kind and talented German girl, opened a company for sewing soft toys. Parents were happy to buy funny animals for their children. And once an American asked Margaret to make three thousand teddy bears for him!

This American would never have ordered so many bears, if not for the amazing story with his president!

Once, Theodore Roosevelt was hunting a bear, but for several hours of hunting he did not come across prey. To please the president, his subordinates caught a teddy bear and tied the baby to a tree. But Teddy (the president was affectionately called) was indignant: “How dare you! Release the teddy bear! I won’t shoot him! ”

- Yes Yes! It was after that incident that the teddy bears began to be called Teddy. And we are loved all over the world!

- Now in many countries there are Teddy bear clubs and our museums.

- In the USA and Great Britain there is even a special holiday - Teddy Bear Day.

- Hooray! Happy Birthday! Cut me another piece of cake!