Sea Horse


- Is it interesting to ride a seahorse? - asked Moth

- Hardly,- Tonti grinned. - He's really small.

- A seahorse, similar to a revived chess horse figure, is an unusual and strange fish. Instead of scales, he has a shell, his tail is tenacious, like a monkey’s, and his bag is on his belly, just like a kangaroo’s. All fish swim "lying", and the seahorse - "standing". Of course, high speeds cannot be developed in this position, but this is not necessary for the skate.

Waving his fin, he slowly walks in the thick of algae or clings to them with his tail and hangs motionless. The eyes of the ridge can look in different directions independently of each other, and it is very convenient. And he knows how to change color. Unhurried and defenseless, the seahorse would have become easy prey if not able to deftly hide.

But an even greater master in pretending to be invisible is a leafy sea dragon, a relative of seahorse. You can meet him only in one corner of the earth - off the southern coast of Australia. Because of the translucent fins, similar to sprigs of algae, even the sharpest eye can hardly notice the dragon among the underwater vegetation. Neither give nor take - a bunch of sea grass. But at the same time, the sea dragon, like the seahorse, is a real predator. True, he hunts but tiny crustaceans and shrimps, drawing them together with water with his mouth-tube. The dragon also has a “bag”, not on its stomach, but on its tail. In these bags, dragon papa and papa-skate hatched eggs, from which fry will then be hatched. Mom skates don't care about children at all.

- Indeed, strange fish!