Music without notes


Big concert hall. Smartly dressed people walk slowly along the rows. This evening they came to the concert. Finally, the lights go out and everyone takes their places. Applause is heard, and the musician enters the stage in a tailcoat and bow tie. He sits down at the piano and begins to play. Inspiringly, now slowing down, then accelerating, he fingers his fingers along the closed lid of the piano. Spectators are looking at each other in disbelief. Somewhere dissatisfied comments are heard:

- He decided to make a joke on us?

- Maybe he went crazy ?!

Such a performance really took place in 1952. The musician's name was John Cage, and he did not lose his mind at all. I just decided to give people 4 minutes 33 seconds of silence - that's what his composition is called.

After all, while music is playing without notes, you can hear how many different sounds surround us. Or think about something important.