Mouse lemur


He is the smallest of those called ghosts.

Like other lemurs, mouse live in Madagascar. There are several types of them. Some are larger - with a large rat, others are very small and easily fit in the palm of your hand. But the appearance of both of them is equally funny: huge round eyes, neat paws with long fingers, delicate petal ears, long tail. Mouse lemurs live high in the crowns of trees, deftly jumping from branch to branch. By the way, despite the touching appearance, the character of mouse lemur is not sugar at all. In the afternoon, mouse lemurs sleep, curled up in a hollow or a cozy nest. And as soon as it gets dark, they go in search of food. Big-eyed hunters catch insects and eat juicy fruits. And, although mouse lemurs live in hot climates, they try to eat well to stock up on subcutaneous fat. The most capacious “pantry” is the tail, which at the base gradually becomes very thick. This lemur will need fat when the animal ... hibernates. But not in the winter cold, like other animals, but during the intense tropical heat. In summer, mouse lemurs have babies. Newborn lemurs weigh only a few grams, they are completely helpless and blind. True, on the second day their eyes open, after a couple of weeks they will be able to climb branches themselves, and after two months they will become completely independent. But until they grow up, mom will always be around.

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