Mouse in the north


If you are already a fully grown mouse and as tall as five centimeters tall, it's time to think about the important thing - the feat. Rescuing mom from dirty dishes and the top five in biology is also not nonsense, but they do not pull on great achievements, and you can’t do anything more in the quiet and comfortable Myshkino. But one day luck smiled at the mouse. And where would you think?

In a biology class. Under the desk, he found a piece of the picture. The mouse immediately realized - this is it! Note! Asking for help! So the signature is - "M ... rack in the north." Yes, one letter is not enough, but our mouse immediately realized who it was. About a small poor mouse that freezes in the far north and is waiting for a brave hero who will fly and save her.

- Will fly? - some will be surprised. - How will he arrive? The mice cannot fly.

Eh, it’s immediately obvious that some biologists have no five. Mice may not be able to fly, but the polar terns not only fly faster than the wind, but also make a round-the-world trip from the Arctic to Antarctica every year. In early April, they were just returning home north to their nests.

- Please, please, please! - Having folded legs, convinced one of them a mouse.

- Okay! - the bird could not resist ten grams of courage and nobility. - Sit down and hold on tight! I hope you hunt just as well.

Flew for a long time. The wind whipped into the face, gray clouds were gathering overhead, but the mouse never regretted that he had gone on this dangerous journey. After all, every day the one that needed his help was getting closer. And she is much worse in the midst of harsh snows than him. During the parking, while the tern rested, and the mouse hunted for worms and insects, he often froze, looking into the starry sky.

- You, most importantly, wait for me, mouse. He whispered. - I will save you!

The catastrophe happened at the very end of the road. Seeing the long-awaited white open spaces below, the mouse was so happy that for an instant he unclenched his legs - and then flew down! Probably, if he flew on an eagle or an airplane, this story would have a sad end. But terns fly only at a height of ten meters, so our hero made a soft landing in a fresh snowdrift. And only when he was in the middle of a snowy plain, for the first time he thought:

- How can I find a little mouse in such a big north?

It was too late to retreat, to sit in the snow coldly and somehow not at all heroically, so he decided to just go ahead. He was lucky once when he found a note. And lucky with transport. So, and again lucky. Just can not get lucky!

- Mouse, where are you? Mouse! - called the mouse, took a few steps and felt - there is someone below! - I'm here, I'm here! Bear with it a little more.

He tore the snow with his paws and suddenly realized that he was flying down. Again!

This time the flight was even shorter, and two black curious eyes were waiting for the mouse to land.

- The mouse? muttered the mouse uncertainly. - Why do you need such big eyes?

Indeed, the eyes were too huge for a rodent. And these shaggy white paws, and sharp teeth, and dangerous claws ...

- You are not a mouse, you are a bear! I substituted the wrong letter! Bear in the north!

It was not a note, it was a candy wrapper! From candy! - squeaked a mouse.

And here our history could again have a sad end - just one letter, and what are the different animals.

- I wanted the mouse to become a hero, but it will become lunch, some will say.

- Go and learn biology! - we will answer them. - For the largest and most dangerous predator on earth, a mouse is not a serious dinner. Especially if this little mouse is a hero and has seen half the world, and the little teddy bear has never climbed out of the snow den and has only been eating mother's milk.

Nobody ate anyone. The little mouse and little bear made friends, spent a short northern summer together and even found the very tern on which our hero went home. A new friend waved his paw after him for a long time and promised to write gentle letters from the harsh north:

- In Myshkino! My friend is a mouse, a hero and a traveler.

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