Little mouse


-Pee-pee! - from resentment and indignation, the little mouse even forgot that he can speak.

Stop! Did you realize that mice can speak humanly? Well! And not only mice, but also cats and dogs ... And they don’t talk to us because people are already too talkative. Just hear: “Hello, cat! give a paw, my friend! Cuckoo, how many years will I live? ” If the animals answered, they would have to chat from morning to evening. And they already have a lot to do. For example, in Myshkino - the town where our offended little mouse lives - certainly not to talk. Prepare a mink - one, collect grains - two, follow the kids - three, and most importantly - all in a quiet manner, all in secret so that no one will notice. A small mouse has so many enemies. Owls, snakes, foxes and even hedgehogs!

- Very, very bad to be small! - explained to the brothers the mouse in the middle of the field, where they went for grains. - If I were big, I would be the one to cope with everything! I would pick up a whole bucket of grain and bring it home myself! And if he had met an owl, he would give her a beak! But the brothers did not pay attention to him at all, they were busy with business! Four guarded - vigilantly watched on the sides, so that no predator crept up. Five mined grain: bend the ear and shake out the seeds. Two more were laying down their prey. They worked hard, quickly and smoothly. And only the smallest mouse dangled underfoot and disturbed the rest. Well, blabber! So he dreamed that he did not notice how the brothers returned to Myshkino with the grain, and he remained in the field all alone.

- Pee-pee! - the little mouse was indignant, hiding under a sheet of plantain. - That would be great, I would teach them a lesson! Why am I small? Well, please, please, somebody, make me big!

And then - once! Everything around began to decrease rapidly. The little mouse at first thought that this owl grabbed him and carried him to his nest, but he did not feel any claws on his back, and his legs were still on the ground.

- It’s not they decreasing! This is me growing! - finally guessed ma ... Oh! Now a big mouse.

Although which mouse? After a couple of moments in the middle of the field stood a big happy mouse, the size of a cat.

- Well, hold on now! - joyfully paused the mouse and swept across the field, crushing ears of corn, like a hurricane.

I ran for half an hour until I got tired and hungry

- Bulk! Muttered ma. .. Oh! Now a big hungry belly.

- Now! - reassured his mouse. - We’ll eat and bring the grains home. The whole bucket! Here everyone will be surprised!

The mouse confidently pulled his paw to the ear and ‚.. did not understand anything. Paw left empty! Once more, more ... Here's the trouble - his new large paws became too big to collect small grains, Mish grabbed another spikelet - with the same result. Then he tried to gnaw

- Bulk Bulk! - was heard again.

The mouse tried to satisfy the hunger with water, but there it was. You won’t give a dew to a big beast, and where else to find water, he did not know.

- Bulk Bulk Bulk! - the belly did not fall silent anymore.

- Whack! Whack! - came from somewhere above.

The mouse raised its head, preparing to put an owl in its beak, and trembled - instead of an owl, a huge hawk flew at it.

Having instantly lost all his courage, the mouse rushed under the plantain. But in vain! Now there, even his nose did not fit. Home! In Myshkino! Hurry up! A large mouse was scampering across the field, not understanding the road. The city had already appeared in the distance, when he suddenly realized that now he also couldn’t hide at home! Myshkino is a city for little mice.

- Klats! - sharp claws almost touched his back.

- Pee-pee! Save! Anybody! I don't want anymore, I don't want to be big!

The mouse has already run to the gate, and at that moment ... No, no, no one ate a stupid mouse, we still have a kind fairy tale. Everything around became big again, and the mouse became small. And just in time! The little mouse whisked into the aisle, the gates closed, and the hawk nevertheless got a beak. True, from the gate, and not from the mouse.

Here is a story. Draw your own conclusions. Of course, our little mouse could tell you which is better - to be a small mouse or a big mouse. But you know, animals do not talk to people. They have so many important things to do.

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