Amazing rats - neotomes live in America. They love various shiny objects - just like our magpies.

Walking around the neighborhood, Neotome will never pass by a bright and beautiful pebble. He will play a little with him, and then he will certainly take it with him. Her house is spacious, multi-room. Neotoma builds it from twigs in the thick crown of a tree, and sometimes, if laziness, right on the ground. But not a single predator will even stick his nose in there! The cunning mistress figured out how to keep her treasures safe and sound. To do this, the rat gnaws sharp spikes from the cactus and sticks them into the walls of its dwelling - with its points up!

When the gold rush began in America, the Neotomes moved closer to the prospectors. In the tents you could find a bunch of the most unusual items, and in the dug land here and there came across pieces of gold. Increasingly, gold miners did not count their belongings. Soap disappeared for some, nuts for others, and spent cartridges for others. And almost always, instead of the stolen thief, she left, a gold nugget! Most likely, dragging her finds, the neotome simply forgot a piece of precious metal in the tent, becoming interested in some other item. And they say that one prospector was not too lazy, followed the trail of this rat - and came across a rich gold mine!

Since then, in America, the neotom is called not a thief, like our magpie, but a rat-money-changer or a rat-merchant.