New Year in Mashinkino


On New Year's Eve, a belated winter came to Mashinkino.

Snow poured without a break. In the light of lanterns, white flakes resembled fairytale moths. Layer by layer, the city was covered in a thick snow blanket. The cries of children, laughter, the creak of sled runners and the unique sound of gliding skates came from every yard. I heard them and Venik - a small car from the park of cleaning equipment.

For winter work, he was still very small, and therefore simply traveled through the streets, listening to the sounds of the city and looking at cars and people in a hurry in the New Year's bustle.

Broom loved to walk like that, and he was never embarrassed by loneliness. But this time, he unexpectedly thought to himself: it would probably be nice to meet some guys. Play together. Maybe even a laugh. From this thought, the motor of Venik rattled excitedly, and our hero hastened to reflect on something else. For example, where do snowflakes come from in the clouds?

This was an interesting question, and Venik could have thought it through until the evening if he had not been interrupted. A sharp rattle interrupted him - KR-RES!

- Well, heaped, heaped! said the janitor Nadezhda Petrovna, wielding a tremendous shovel.

“Yeah,” Broom muttered in response.

“Why are you idly wobbling, my dear?” It seems to be from cleaning equipment, but not clean.

“I ... I'm still small,” said Broom.

- Ha ha. Bigger than me! The janitor rumbled and leaned back on the shovel.

Broom drove on because he did not like long conversations.

“But today I’ll see no round dance, yes,” said Nadezhda Petrovna afterwards. - No luck kids.

The broom stopped.

- K-how is it? - he asked.

- So heaped something! - exclaimed the janitor. “Not enough of us janitors.”

- Ah ... And the cars? - surprised Broom.

- What about cars? Your brother clears the road. Not until the holidays!

Broom hastened to the old town square, where an even older town spruce grew. This tree was decorated by the townspeople themselves. And on New Year's Eve, the children gathered from all the surrounding yards and drove a round dance around her.

The area was buried under the snow. The old tree was half drowned in snowdrifts. Broom imagined how the children would dance around her. No way. You will not turn a round dance here now, you will fall into the snow, and that’s it. Broom sighed. It's a pity, of course. But what can he do? And went home.

The car park was empty. All cars worked in the city. A booming echo swept from wall to wall and settled on the concrete floor. The broom turned off the engine. For the first time, he was uncomfortable with one. Something was wrong in just standing here and waiting for night to fall. He had to do something, but what? Then his gaze fell on the snow blade.

Well, of course! How did he not immediately guess? Fifteen minutes later, a small car drove into the old square with a large dump in front. And do not ask how Broom was able to fix it on himself - had to tinker! But it was worth it.

The broom began to clear the snow. "KR-RES!" - Suddenly came the air. Nadezhda Petrovna appeared on the square. Steam escaped from her mouth, her face turned red, but her hands held a shovel tightly.

- And you are here! Well, then we'll be friends, ”she grinned. - You go on the right, and I will go on the left.

When the children appeared on the square, a deep path was already ringing the tree. The whole square Nadezhda Petrovna and Venik could not be freed from snow. But this narrow path was enough for the children, holding hands and singing songs, to be able to lead a round dance.

Broom and the janitor stood at a distance and watched the guys.

- And look, touch, that one in a suit of a typewriter. Funny! And what business one, just like you, my friend, - Nadezhda Petrovna laughed.

Boyfriend ... Broom smiled shyly in response. And then he laughed too.

Snow fell on Mashinkino. New Year has come.

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