One Star Memoirs


- Here you say: the Sun, the Sun ... And your Sun is just a young star, greenhorn. Just 5 billion years old!

And I’ve been living a trillion years. I've seen everyone. So you know that stars are born in flocks? Yes, yes, hundreds of young stars appear in one place at a time. It seems to you from Earth that all the stars are white. Haha And we are very different! It all depends on the temperature of the star. The hottest glow blue and white. The colder ones are orange and yellow. Red and brown are the coldest. There are giants and dwarfs among us - small stars. I’m a red dwarf and proud of it!

When the stars grow, they gradually fly apart. So my brothers and sisters ran away to where. But there are star girlfriends - do not spill water. They even came up with a nickname for them: "double stars." They revolve around each other, making them stretch like pears! And sometimes they merge and turn into one asterisk. And some stars like to joke. You look at her: a star is like a star. Just turn away, and she rrr-times - and swelled up like a fish-hedgehog. Then rrr-times - and was blown away again. And so several times a day. Scientists nicknamed these little rascals "pulsars." What are they really pulsing back and forth?

There are still spinning tops. They are of respectable age, and spinning like small ones. Is this normal: in one second do a thousand revolutions around yourself ?! Scientists of these spinners are called "neutron stars." They are very strange. Themselves small - 15 kilometers wide, no more. And weigh ... scary to imagine! A teaspoon of this star's substance weighs - like several planets! In the end such a star will explode! The remnants of the planet scatter across the galaxy. And there is as much light and heat released as your Sun has not heated for 10 billion years !!! Here are the miracles we have here!

Regards asterisk.

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