Paddington mouse


Of course, have you heard the story of a teddy bear who came from Deep Peru and found a new family at London Station? - the old mouse added a drop of milk to the tea and looked around the hushed mice with a stern look. The mice nodded amicably

- But you don’t know for sure that this story was a sequel! - The mouse settled comfortably in an armchair and began its story.

In the distant city of London, there was once a scientific mouse. More than anything, she loved to read and dream, and the teddy bear story was her handbook. It is not surprising that once, when her native library was closed for repairs, she went straight to Paddington Station. If there was a family there for a big bear, then for a little mouse there will be a fortiori. She doesn’t even need a separate room, she’ll fit perfectly in a shoe box.

The station met a mouse with noise and din.

“But it was quieter in the library,” the mouse remarked, and stood in the middle of the waiting room.

I did not have to wait long. In just three minutes, a huge bright red suitcase flew right up to the mouse! The poor thing barely managed to dodge. The owner of the suitcase muttered something in an incomprehensible language and sped off in an unknown direction. The mouse ran out to the center of the hall again.

But a minute later she again had to flee. Now from children's sandals that stepped on her tail.

Until late in the evening, the mouse ran back and forth until it fell exhausted under the very bear painted on the bench. The family was not found in a day.

“I guess I'm too inconspicuous,” she thought, falling asleep.

And in the morning a brilliant idea came to her mind.

- Get dressed like you! she said to the bear. “Then they will definitely find and love me!”

A cloak from a blue bag, a hat from a cardboard box - and soon, confident in success, the mouse again stood in the middle of the station. And again not for long. This time she was noticed. At least, as she understood from the screeching of the old lady. Noticed, but again they did not take to themselves. Neither this day nor the next good English, dreaming of a tailed gray friend, did not appear.

A mouse spent a month at the station. In the morning she sneaked into the pastry shop - sometimes she managed to get a donut there. Then she hid under a bench or a newsstand. In order not to be sad and not to despair, every day she gradually learned languages ​​from foreign magazines and stickers on her suitcases.

- Bonjour! Ola! Namaste! Zdrafstfuy-those! she greeted people passing by.

Day after day, her voice became quieter, and she went out less and less to look for a family.

“Probably, some dreams simply are not destined to come true,” she shared her sadness with the bear, when suddenly ...

The very bright red suitcase that nearly crushed her on the first day collapsed two centimeters from her! Yes, not one, but with a basket.

- Mouse-ki-no, - according to the syllables, the mouse read the tag on the suitcase.

She already knew this language and even heard about the distant beautiful country of Russia, where they spoke it.

“What a good name,” murmured the mouse. - Maybe while I am looking for a family here, she is waiting for me there? In the end, what am I losing?

Uncomfortable train station and donuts yesterday?

Gathering her courage, the mouse scurried into the basket and lurked.

What a trip it was! He rode the train, sailed on the ship, flew on an airplane and rode the train again. Three times she was nearly caught, five times she almost fell out, but got to the city of her dreams!

The old mouse furtively brushed away a tear and fell silent for a long time.

“How did she fly?” And then what? She began to live with us? Did she have a family? Is that true? - muttered mice, interrupting each other.

- What happened afterwards, I will tell you later. Now fast home! And do not forget to prepare, tomorrow we have reading, geography and English. Good buy, childrens!

The mouse, picking up books, said goodbye to the old teacher and fled home. They didn’t really believe in her story, but they loved to listen to them. Probably because the good in them always triumphed over evil, the weak became strong, and dreams, even the wildest, always came true.

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