Polly's first affair


If something bad happens in Mashinkino - and this, unfortunately, happens in any city - a police car immediately leaves for the scene. Keeping order and dealing with troubles is her job. And so that all the other cars would notice her from afar and give way, she has a bright red-blue flasher and a loud siren.

The little police car Polly really, really wanted to rush along Mashinkino with the siren on and a sparkling flasher on. But who will entrust the girl with a serious matter? Older brothers generally believe that her concern is to protect little puppies from ferocious kittens! And only Polly herself always knew that an excellent policeman would come out of her. She needed only suitable cases to prove. And then one morning the case presented itself.

This morning, Polly habitually patrolled the streets of the city and suddenly saw a wheel right in the middle of the road!

- This wheel lies here for a reason! - not a second Polly doubted. - No car can lose a wheel and not notice it - this is an abduction. And I take this thing! The picture of the crime was immediately drawn in her imagination in all the details: a carefree car rides around the city at night alone. Suddenly, a villainous wagon attacks her, but a smart machine manages to unscrew and throw a wheel so that another smart machine guesses the crime and finds it.

Polly really liked her version. Now she had to be checked. Polly carefully examined the crime scene and found a trace. Polly's joy knew no bounds, now she had as many as two evidence - the wheel and the track. And this trace will lead her to the criminal! Forward! She herself will unravel this matter. Save the machine and no one will ever laugh at her again. Throwing the wheel into the passenger compartment, Polly set off on the trail.

She was very lucky that today she went to work early - there were almost no cars on the streets, the track was clearly visible. First, he walked right along the road, then he circled the square and turned into a narrow side street. It looped for a long time along the outskirts of Mashinkino, returned several times, almost got lost between the garages, circled around the square — probably not to be caught — and suddenly broke off.

Polly looked around bewildered. A large, old garage creaked open in front of her. There was not a soul around. At first, Polly wanted to break into the garage, but she remembered the lessons at the police school and decided to watch first. Because of the bushy bush, which was great for an ambush. I had to watch for a long time. Polly managed to count all the rivets on the garage door three times when she suddenly swung open with terrible force and ...

- This is the police! You are arrested! Wipers up, wheels shoulder-width apart, - turned on the siren at full power, screamed Polly, jumping out from behind a bush and squinting at her own courage.

Bam! Dysh! Bb-and-and ... Bi-bi .. ‚

Polly opened one eye. Instead of a terrible criminal, a small truck was shaking before her in fright. Polly was embarrassed and turned off the siren.

- So, boy, tell the truth - where is the villain? Hiding? Where to? She asked sternly.

- Wh-What-villain? - did not understand the truck.

And suddenly he rushed to Polly, peering into her salon and shining like a new bumper.

- Daddy's wheel! And I’ve been looking for him all morning! All Mashinkino traveled around. Three times! And you found, huh? Well, thank you! Imagine, dad said to pick up his wheel from the repair. Well, I went, and then I look - there is no wheel. Searched, searched ... Afraid that he would fly. Horror! You're a cop, aren't you? Wow! Mom always says: the police are our defenders! - the truck chattered, smiling and nodding the cabin.

Polly cleared her throat, embarrassed, not to admit to the baby that she had already thought up a whole gang:

- Your mother is right.- And do not thank. This is my job! next time be more attentive!

She blinked her headlights and drove back to the city. Maybe someone else in her place would be upset that there was no crime. But the little police car was very pleased with itself. Today, for the first time, she actually helped someone. And tomorrow will help, and the day after tomorrow. Residents of Mashinkino can sleep peacefully. While Polly is on duty, no matter what happens, she will protect everyone. Even puppies with kittens.

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