Pygmalion and Galatea


All day Molly disappeared into the yard. Tonti saw how she enthusiastically sculpted something from the snow. And so, when the work was finished, Molly joyfully said:

- I blinded an alien super snowman! He has two heads, six legs and three tails! I wish he could come to life and become my friend!

- I recently read such a story,- said Tonti.

- About the revived snowman? - clarified Molly

- Not really.- About the statue. There is a legend that once upon a time in Greece there lived a sculptor named Pygmalion. Once he carved a statue of a girl from ivory. The sculpture turned out so beautiful that Pygmalion fell in love with it. And he called his creation Galatea. It seemed to him that in the whole world there is no girl more beautiful.

- And what happened next?

- He dressed her in the most elegant clothes, gave gifts and did not allow anyone to look at her with just one eye. Soon the goddess of love Aphrodite found out about this and decided to help the poor fellow. She realized that his love for Galatea was truly strong.

- Did Aphrodite revive Galatea?

- Yes. One evening, Pygmalion returned home, looked at his statue, and it seemed to her that her cheeks were a little pink. He decided that it was from the light of the setting sun. But when she spoke to him, he realized that his dream had come true! Galatea has come to life!

- Wow! - exclaimed Molly. - I'll go make snowmen again! Suddenly they all come to life too, and I will make many new friends ?!

She ran away, and Tonti looked at her through the window and thought that by the spring, when the snowmen would melt, Molly would not even be upset about it. Because she will already have many new deeds and new friends.