For the New Year, Katya was presented with a whole bunch of gifts. There were beautiful dolls, and teddy bears, and a designer, and plasticine. Every day she played with new toys - dressed up dolls, built castles from the designer, or sculpted funny little men from plasticine.

One night, when Katya fell asleep, new toys decided: to get to know each other (Yes, toys sometimes communicate until we see.) - Dolls are one of the oldest toys in the world! - said a big doll with pink hair. - We were invented so that we would protect houses from evil spirits, and then the children began to play with us.

- It is very similar to the history of the invention of plasticine,- said the plasticine man. After all, he was also invented not for games. - And for what? - surprised the toys.

One inventor created it to clean stains on wallpaper. But the children of the inventor found plasticine and began to sculpt all sorts of things out of it. The inventor thought about it ... and built a whole plasticine factory to make it enough for both children and adults!

- Did adults also like plasticine? - asked a teddy bear

- And how! It was useful to sculptors, and dentists, and even the military for compiling maps. And then plasticine cartoons appeared. This turned out to be very convenient, because plasticine heroes can easily move. Look here! said the little man and performed an incredible dance.

- Quiet! It seems that Katya is waking up ... - the attentive doll suddenly noticed. And all the toys froze in their places.