Tonti went into the kitchen and immediately climbed under the table. Something rushed through the kitchen back and forth, and you could hear “Ba-bach! Bams! Tara-rrrrah! ”

Immediately under the table climbed Molly.

- Who knew, what he is, ”she sighed. - Start shooting.

- who is he? Tonti asked.

- Popcorn. I wanted to cook it. And he will explode ...

Then someone under the feathers appeared under the table.

“I am Sinteotl, an Aztec Indian.” he introduced himself. - By the way, we were able to cook popcorn more than a thousand years ago. At us it was called mamachatl.

- And your momachatl was also so harmful, exploded?

- And how! the fact is that inside each grain of corn the god of corn lives, and when a simple Indian puts the grain on fire, the god explodes with anger!

“And I read,” said Tonti, “that there is a drop of water inside the grains.” When corn is heated, water boils, steam breaks the shell, the grain opens and increases several times.

- That's what is increasing - that's for sure! - observed the Indian.

- You know. what giant jugs we did to cook popcorn. Some are as wide as two meters. We threw ears of corn whole in hot oil, or put individual grains in special baskets and kept over the fire.

- And what kind of beads are you so beautiful? Asked Molly.

- Popcorn is not only food! - proudly remarked Synteotl. “We made beads and jewelry out of him, woven him into a hairstyle.” Decorated them with statues of the gods. And then guests began to come to us. Spaniards and the British. Of course, we treated them with popcorn. For some reason they began to salt and sprinkle it with sugar. They even thought of pouring cream ...

- Shoot stopped! Said Tonti.

- Hooray! So popcorn is ready! let's eat! Cried Sinteotl joyfully.

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