Tonti and Molly were sitting on the couch and dangling their feet, when suddenly it came from under the sofa:

"Oh-ho-stinkers! .."

Friends first jumped to the ceiling and then rushed to look under the sofa. Something mysterious shone there. "Who is there?" - Tonti asked bravely.

- I'm great! Famous! Great! And ... a forgotten button!

Tonti put his hand under the sofa and pulled out a small iron button with two holes.

- Not so great you are, - said Molly.

The button even trembled with indignation.

- Yes, you know what ancient ancestors I have!” in India they found a button that is 5000 years old! and we are very similar. She also has two holes! My great-great-great-great-great-grandmother adorned the tunics of the ancient Greeks and Romans. True, it was more like a brooch. My ancestors became real celebrities in the Middle Ages. Buttonsomania began. In Turkey, a narrow strip of fabric was tied in a tight knot - and the button turned out. In Europe, my relatives were sewn onto clothes not only in order to fasten them, but also just for decoration. The buttons were made of metal, ivory, leather, gems, gold and silver. One French king ordered 13,600 gold buttons for his costume. And the other one put almost 2000 diamonds on the button decoration!

In Russia, the ancient buttons looked like a small weight - a ball with an eye. They were considered a great value and inherited. Button factories appeared in the 19th century. And we, buttons, became available to everyone. And what would you do without us? How would they button their shirts and coats?

- May I sew you on your shirt? - Molly said respectfully. - And I’ll tell everyone how famous you are.

- Urrra! - rejoiced button.

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