One princess, two princess


They donated a doll to Sonya Helen for his birthday. Early in the morning, mom slipped quietly through the door and left a box tied with a red ribbon on the table.

- Ah, what a beauty! - Helen gasped when she opened the box.

The doll had curly hair, rosy cheeks and blue eyes with sparkles. Sonya's dress was adorned with small pink bows, and a crown glittered on her head. Princess, and more!

And how happy the toys were. Still would! Now there is a princess among them! So, you can throw balls, build castles, and if you're lucky, then fight with the scary and terrible dragon. Being a princess, Sonya liked it. Helen did her beautiful hairstyles and dressed her up in beautiful dresses. Fox Fyr Fyr, Giraffe and Robot Button performed feats for her. And Sonya spent all days looking at herself in the mirror and was happy.

- What beautiful hair I have! She said. - What a beautiful cheek! And the bows on the dress are so beautiful! But as soon as Lena started a new game, Sonya immediately began to act up.

- I can not! The hairstyle will go bad, ”she whimpered when Helen offered to play pirates.

- I do not want! The shoes will tear, ”she refused, when Helen called to look for the treasure.

- I won’t! The dress will get dirty, ”she turned her nose, when Helen persuaded to paint.

And Helen called into the game his old doll Katya. Katya cheerfully took the ship on board, climbed into the most secluded and dusty corners in search of treasure, and was not afraid to get dirty in the paint while painting.

- Poor thing! Sonya sighed, looking at Katya. “She has such a battered dress and such tangled hair.” She will never become a princess.

But one day, Helen decided to play at school. She took her primer from the shelf, hung a blackboard on the wall and opened a box of crayons. Sonya only snorted, Why would the princess learn? She knows how to dress and comb even without school. In addition, the eyes can get tired of counting and reading. How will she then admire her reflection?

So Lenochka put a doll Katya at the desk, rang the bell - and the lessons began. The first lesson was mathematics, and Katya carefully considered how many beads were in the beads. After math, reading. Helen listened, and Katya carefully read the fairy tale about the handsome prince. Then there was a lesson in literacy, in which Katya neatly displayed copybooks in a notebook and outlined a large, beautiful crown full page.

- What a beauty! - Helen praised her when the lesson was over.

Doll Sonya almost dropped the mirror. Who is it called beauty here? Katya, the zamarashka? But here the rest of the toys surrounded Katya, smiled, wailed: “And really, beauty!” Only then did Sonya take a closer look and ... And she could not believe her eyes! Katino's dress turned out to be completely tattered.

Just not as new as Sonya. The hair was not tangled at all, but only a little disheveled. But what kind of rosy cheeks Katya had, what sparks in her eyes. Either from praise, or from school successes, but Katya really got prettier.

- And let's ...- Sonya suggested timidly. - And let's have a ball!

Then she was embarrassed and quietly added:

- School ball. And the princess on it will be Katya ...

That was a ball! Helen sewed a new dress for Katya, the doll Sonia combed her hair and gave her beautiful crown. The toys looked and rejoiced - because now they had not one princess, but two whole! And two brave pirates, two indefatigable treasure hunters, two talented artists and two best students. Because playing and studying with friends is much more interesting than dressing up and admiring yourself. Well, who, who, and the doll Sonia knows this well.

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