Red Wolf


The red wolf looks like a big red mongrel with round ears, fluffy wool and a long luxurious tail. Red wolves are adroit and tireless hunters. They run very fast, jump high and far. Hold in a flock: wolf, she-wolf and their children of different ages. Shelters of rocks or caves serve as shelters for red predators. Burrows red wolves do not dig. However, they do not need burrows, because they are nomads: they appear first in one, then in another place, and then disappear for a long time.

The red wolf is a rather large beast, it weighs about 20 kilograms.

During their wanderings, red wolves can gather in large flocks. Remember the "red dogs" in Kipling's famous tale "Mowgli"? It is they, red wolves. In a large flock, you can count 30-50 animals. Red wolves hunt all together. The main thing here is to take not by skill, but by quantity. Usually they long pursue prey - deer, mountain goat or buffalo. To tire out to exhaustion. And on occasion, can tear even a bear or a tiger. When there is nothing special to eat, do not disdain a mouse or a lizard. Red wolves never attack a person. They generally try to avoid people. The red wolf is quite silent and, unlike the gray one, never howls.

In addition to fast legs, sensitive ears, strong teeth and a sharp scent, the red wolf can also boast of its unusual fur. It is so thick and warm that even in the cold season, when water bodies begin to become covered with ice, red wolves can easily swim. Having got ashore, shaggy swimmers quickly shake themselves off and go off on their own wolf affairs.

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