It happens that you may encounter something that you don*t know how to tell. Remember: you always have loved ones! Be sure to ask for the help of adults you trust. Reveal the secret to your parents.

  1. If your family is not too inclined to share the innermost, first reduce the distance and several times speak on neutral topics, ask for advice. When you learn to communicate, it will be easier to discuss a difficult topic.

  2. Decide: to speak with both parents at once, or first to inform only one, and then, with his support, to introduce the other? Usually it*s easier for a girl to talk on complex topics with her mom, and for a boy - with dad.

  3. Choose a time and place. Wait until the parents are busy with other things, will be in a calm mood. Do not discuss important topics on the go. Ask them to set aside time ("Mom, I need to talk to you. Is it comfortable for you in the evening?").

  4. Make an approximate conversation plan and speak successively with emotions later. It is important that parents understand everything correctly.

  5. If you are afraid, you can first tell that your situation happened to a friend, and evaluate the reaction of mom and dad. Then you still have to tell about your difficulties. Only knowing the truth, parents will help.

  6. No matter how parents react, heat: they are on your side. Even if they are angry and angry, all the same, having calmed down, they will help solve the problem. But do not manipulate your parents and do not impose on them any outcome what to do, they will decide for themselves.

Mom and dad can behave strictly, may seem busy. But no one is more important to you than them. They will support and help to find a way out even in a hopeless situation.

Be sure to tell them if you encounter bullying at school, someone is aggressive, or they are forcing you to do something. Ask them about growing up and changing the body. Do not be shy, do not be silent, reveal the secret and it will be easier!