For a whole year, Tonti and Molly studied in a robotics club. There they learned a lot and, as a result, put together a real work named Robotik.

Their new ward possessed powerful power, knew how to walk, speak and read, but he still had a lot to learn. And Tonti and Molly set to work.

-To get started, clean my shoes,- Tonti asked.

- How to do it? asked the Robot.

- Very simple. Here you have shoe polish and a shoe brush. Put a thin layer of shoe polish on the shoes and rub it with a brush to a shine.

Robot picked up his shoes and headed for the hallway. Soon came the sounds accompanying the brush. In about ten minutes, you could look into your shoes like in a mirror. Then friends began to teach Robotics arithmetic. He turned out to be an exceptionally capable student and in just an hour solved all the examples from the problem books for the first five grades. But he thought about one task ...

- A turner grinds a part from a blank on a machine in 10 minutes. How many blanks will it process in 1 hour?

- The blanks are idiots, only girls? - the robot inquired. - Why grind parts out of them? Tonti and Molly laughed for a long time, and then explained to Robotics that the blanks were metal blanks from which useful parts were machined on different machines. After practicing for an hour, friends decided to relax.

- I wanted to eat something,- Molly said thoughtfully and asked the robot: “Go to the kitchen, peel the potatoes.- And then we will fry it. Robot retired to the kitchen. Half an hour later, Molly was wary.

- What is he doing there? Need to check. But it really didn’t interfere with the check! A dozen black potatoes lay in front of the robot, and he desperately scrubbed another boot brush.

This is such a mysterious language!