Russian slides


Tonti and Molly walked around the amusement park.

- Tonti, let's go ride the crazy railroad! - suggested Molly.

- Is that what you call a roller coaster? Haha The old man selling tickets smiled too:

- Do you know that in America, and around the world, these slides are called Russians?

- True? - surprised Tonti and Molly.

In the old days in Russia, skiing from the mountains was a favorite pastime for everyone! Empress Catherine II was so passionate about this that she ordered to make huge ice slides with a track for a sled. And then someone came up with the wheels to attach to the sleigh - so that in the summer you can ride them too. This idea was spied by the French and in 1812 opened an attraction called "Russian Gorki", Only their "sleds" - wagons on wheels - rolled along the track with rails so as not to go astray on sharp turns.

Then they began to build such slides in many countries, and most of all - in America. Therefore, they are sometimes called American.

- Then we have two tickets on a roller coaster! No, it's better to have four !!!